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What is Laser Hair reduction?
Laser hair reduction has become very popular in last some years. If reasons counted for Laser hair reduction popularity it can be said that people have become more beauty conscious, do not have time to go short-term hair removal through waxing and shaving, clinics and many types of equipment which offers permanent hair reduction are in easy approach because of the internet and more awareness then before.
How Laser hair reduction works?
The primary objective of Laser Hair reduction is photothermolysis (SPTL) which matches with the wavelength of light and pulse duration. The result, which we expect, is smooth, hair-free skin, which remains long lasting. Laser hair reduction first targets dark material, which calls melanin after that heating up the basal stem cells, which remain in the hair follicle. The hair follicle is the main reason for hair growth. Laser hair reduction is safe for the skin as it targets melanin (dark object) with much more speed and deep penetration but does not harm the skin. Melanin is considered the base for all kind of hair reduction lasers available in the market. Melanin is the natural objective, which is the reason for skin and hair color. Laser hair reduction does wonders on black, brown, reddish and on blonde hair. Lasers do not work so well on white, light blonde and strawberry blonde hair. Although ND: YAG Laser works well on dark skin and can work on black color hair too which was not possible earlier.
Who can have Diode Laser hair reduction
Overall, Diode laser is safe and efficient for hair reduction. The Diode Laser can do well for all six types of skin but more effective on 1 to 4 skin types. However, the success rate is good for all skin types.
How Diode laser is effective for hair reduction?
Now these days, Diode Laser has become the first choice because of much efficiency than others. Diode Lasers are portable and provide fast repetition rates. Diode Laser treatments have the capability to cover large areas of the body and give quick treatment. This Laser treatment is fit to use on any kind of skin type as black, brown, white or others. This laser gives deeper penetration into skin layer which remains safe on skin. Diode laser success ratio is higher because of longer wavelengths. Diode Laser has specifications as the wavelength of 800,810 nm, Spot Size of 9 mm, repetition Rate of 1 Hz pulse, it covers Width: 5.30 ms and has Fluence: 10-40. Results that come are smooth, hair-free skin, which sustains long lasting.
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